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Keep the faith, never give up

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Cotina Brake didn’t set out to buy a house when she came to SCDHC, her first goal was to repair her credit and out of public housing. She was participating in BLISS, a self-sufficiency program from the Office of Community Wealth Building, when she was referred to SCDHC to help improve her credit.

Counselors and SCDHC staff encouraged her to attend our Homebuyer Education course. “At first I was going to the class just for education. I didn’t think I could buy a house at the time,” said Cotina, “Once I finished the Saturday class, I was told I could start looking for a house!”
“A lightbulb went off for me and I just got into the spirit of ‘you can do it’,” said Cotina. Despite a few ups and downs before closing on her dream home, she pushed through her closing and recently moved into her new home.

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