Notice To All Bidders

Access to this section is only given to pre-qualified bidders. In order to be pre-qualified you must complete the requested information, your completed package may be mailed or hand-delivered to our office.


If you are accessing a copy of a procurement or employment opportunity, please monitor this site for any additional changes and/or additions. Information in this section, is time sensitive, and will expire at the given date. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jim Chambers, Project Manager at jobs.procurement@scdhc.com

Contractor Pre-Qualification Package

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Southside Community Development & Housing Corporation, (SCDHC). You must complete the Contractor Pre-Qualification package to receive bid packages and contracting opportunities from SCDHC.

You must hold one of the following State of Virginia licenses to receive contract awards from SCDHC; Class A Contractors License to construct new homes; additionally we may use State of Virginia Class B, Contractors for the development of our rehabilitated homes (total gut rehab), Class B contract awards will not exceed the State license requirements.